Millions of people are losing money,

unable to retire, and worried about the uncertain future…


What is the Root Cause of financial crisis?

How to find Permanent Cure?


The Old Paradigm Is Broken!

Discover A New Paradigm To Transform Your Financial Destiny!


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Conventional financial industry limits people’s choices, conditions people to believe it’s normal to lose money, and exposes majority of the retirement money to risk with no downside protection and no retirement income guarantee. 
Dr. Huesan Tran integrates energy healing philosophy into financial and economic healing to deal with the challenges of the new economy.  The first step of financial healing is to stop bleeding money; then, generate a lifetime retirement income with healthcare benefits that you never outlive.
As an insider of the financial and wealth management industry, Dr. Tran reveals what’s wrong with the financial industry structure, conventional practice, mindset, and common myths.  In the Financial Healing book, new perspective, insights, and practical solutions are provided to fill the unmet needs of industry.  
  • Recognize the #1 imbalance of financial industry structure and how majority of the money are misallocated and not truly diversified.
  • Uncover the 3 common myths and misconceptrions why people keep losing money over and over again and unable to retire. 
  • Discover the #1 wealth strategy the schools don’t teach, the media rarely covers, and banks, Wall Street, and majority of the industry professionals don’t want you to know. 
  • Find out what’s the #1 secret of retirement income to protect your lifestyle, retirement, and freedom.
  • Cultivate a new standard with comprehensive and collaborative approach to transform the industry and your financial future.



Author: Dr. Huesan B. Tran, MBA

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Dr. Huesan B. Tran is dually licensed in real estate (CA DRE License #01069112) and life & health insurance (CA License #0E83798) and collaborates with other licensed professionals in her independent practice.  If you would like to work with Dr. Huesan Tran and her team of experts on your specific case, Click Here to request a 15 minutes private session to explore if it is a mutual fit.  A form will be provided for basic information to make the session more effective and beneficial for you.  Please understand that only limited time is available for private exploration session each month.  You will be placed on the waiting list in case the schedule is full.  Thank you for your interest and cooperation.